Stories grounded in the shared experience of human existence.

A wistful story of a child's friendship that transcends time itself, a heartwarming tale that shows it's never too late to learn something new, a lonely soul’s solitary existence changes in a big way and a breezy burst of joy springs from an otherwise dark time.

Watch this pack if: you like films with something profound to say, you’re feeling existential but not nihilistic or you’re craving a cinematic experience with a little more substance.

Total runtime: 58 minutes.

Contents: The Time Tree (20), Layla (18), Best Before End… (15), Lovelorn Lockdown (5).


    Layla is a 60-year-old Syrian refugee, balancing working at the local funfair with looking after her young granddaughter. Struggling to build relationships around her, she finally makes a connection with Femi, who teaches her to skateboard.

  • LOVELORN LOCKDOWN - a Vidiverse Original

    Alex Proyas' experiment in remote filmmaking. Set to Isham Jones and Gus Kahn’s ‘It Had to Be You’, LOVELORN LOCKDOWN follows two lovers in the midst of Sydney’s 107-day lockdown and the changing nature of their relationship. Written, produced and shot remotely (on smartphones) during the lockdow...


    François, 65 years old, lives alone in his humble flat. He has no one to talk to since his mother died. Only a pigeon landing on his window from time to time, seems to visit him. This film is based on true events.


    1596. Anne, a deaf girl, bullied by the maids and mistresses who look after her, finds solace when she comes across a magical tree: a portal to the present, where she meets Jo and Rachel, who help her overcome her disability.