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    Stories from multiple genres with themes of reflection at the core.

    An introspective misanthrope muses about her dark proclivities, an aging writer reflects on a great love and a complicated loss, a conflict between two brothers becomes positively Biblical and a group of prisoners contemplate a ...


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    A grim and unflinching crime thriller destined for cult status.

    An undercover cop’s surveillance footage of a notorious drug house forms the backbone of this bold indie gem. What begins as a slow burn crime drama soon spirals into chaos and grimy, bloody retribution. You’re unlikely to forget th...


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    The fascinating, poetic work of a singular director.

    An obsessive writer begins to lose herself in her own work, a misanthropic woman lurches towards a shocking revelation, a jilted painter is exceptionally creative in her plans for revenge and a poetic rumination on the courage it takes to purs...


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    Dark and intriguing tales with a sense of macabre beauty.

    In the land of the blind nothing is so threatening as those who can see, a grim task awaits an expectant mother in rural Australia, a morbidly obsessed collector completes his life's work and a child's imagination holds a deadly secret.



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    A blast from the past of independent film.

    Shot on a school’s borrowed 16mm camera, Eagle Pennell’s 1977 film, A Hell of a Note, holds more history than you might expect. This slice-of-life Texan short was the catalyst for Pennell’s second and most notable film, The Whole Shootin’ Match, which w...

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    Adam is crazy in love with Liv but the young woman just lost her husband and refuses to commit to a new relationship. Without an explanation she sends him to the strange and mysterious Zieggler corporation where everybody seems to know what Adam hasn't figured out yet about his own life.


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    Lose yourself in the lush dreams of a dark city.

    A young woman is lost in a dark city where evil lurks around every corner. She finds herself immersed in a dreamlike story that becomes increasingly nightmarish. Mask of the Evil Apparition is visionary director Alex Proyas’ award-winning short fi...

  • 5 FEVER DREAMS - Experimental films by Alex Proyas

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    Short but memorable glimpses into the mind of a celebrated auteur.

    An enigmatic gift sparks off a mysterious quest, a vivid slice of urban paranoia, a rumination on the sensuality of memory, a vivid juxtaposition performed in dance and a cathartic burst of inner light. These are five unique, exp...

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    Stories from the fringes of society, voices rarely heard.

    A cab driver with severe PTSD makes an unexpected connection, a young girl struggles to come to terms with her loss, a trippy long weekend for a trio of artists turns deadly, a surreal western yarn about the price of revenge and an old ma...


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    A story about invention and the dark path to obsession.

    Set in Cold War era America, Intellectual Property is the story of a brilliant but paranoid inventor who struggles to keep his work safe from those he believes want to steal it. It’s a meticulously crafted drama with some surreal flourishes...


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    Stories grounded in the shared experience of human existence.

    A wistful story of a child's friendship that transcends time itself, a heartwarming tale that shows it's never too late to learn something new, a lonely soul’s solitary existence changes in a big way and a breezy burst of joy springs ...

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    An eclectic collection of rule-breaking genre films.

    Two sisters deal with a dark maternal legacy, a visit to a rest stop toilet has an unexpected conclusion, a haunted orchestra strikes a high note of fear, a strange box from the watery depths offers nightmarish secrets and a wild collection of...


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    Four films from a versatile French auteur.

    Three strangers wake to find themselves playing a most dangerous game, a child’s imaginative point of view during lockdown, a noirish crime caper told through photography and a speculative look at an aspirationally changed world.

    Watch this pack if: yo...


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    Tales to twist your brain and leave your jaw on the floor.

    A recursive sprint through tragic inevitability, a quirky mystery starring a peculiar padre that becomes something far less explicable and a musical meeting in the desert proves the world can be your ballroom.

    Watch this pack if: you’re...


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    Stories of people coping with dramatic changes of fortune.

    A tense descent into criminal escalation with tragedy imminent, racially charged suspicion takes an unexpected turn for the farcical, a street magician's lament offers a very human elegy for those who are lost and a brisk, engaging crime...


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    Dark glimpses into an augmented tomorrow.

    The price of belonging in a near future dystopia redefines the very idea of humanity, in tomorrow’s wasteland memories are more precious than life and cutting edge technology manipulates perception to a dramatic degree.

    Watch this pack if: you think Bla...


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    Tales of horror, unapologetic and brutal in their delivery, executed with precision.

    An underground presence demands a terrible price, life after death proves a nightmarish proposition, carnivorous lunar activities fill the air with mournful howls, an upstairs dweller proves an unlikely ally, a ...


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    Comedy in many shades, from light and bright to darkest black.

    A heavy drinker’s life gains unwanted commentary, a late night at the office leads to a hairy situation, an out of work actor struggles to make it to the big audition, a young girl learns life lessons of an extremely dubious nature a...


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    Humour with an edge of something far less wholesome.

    An encounter with a wandering goat has devilish consequences, an obsessive video shop clerk with a convoluted plan for revenge and a family inheritance that leaves much to be desired. This pack contains comedic narratives with a hint of the m...


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    Cerebral odysseys that interrogate the nature of time itself.

    A tense cosmic paradox with shocking implications, a time traveler grapples with a self fulfilling prophecy and an ecological invasion with a personal edge. This pack brims with ironic twists and narrative ouroboroi.

    Watch this pack ...


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    Lyrical and intelligent sci-fi tales from fresh perspectives.

    A soulful rumination on a possible future Australia and the debt it owes its ancestors, paternal advice in a grim dystopia, a technologically assisted heist that doesn’t go according to plan and an interstellar message that’s impossib...


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    Horrific visions that are rarely overt, but will always get under your skin.

    Hair snatching girl gangs skulk in dimly-lit back alleys, tech-savvy monsters stalk the information superhighways, hungry creatures hide in the most mundane of environments and memories are manipulated on a purgatorial ...


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    Human tales of existence, both tragic and glorious.

    A bitter man finds meaning in the unlikeliest of places, an ugly period in the history of a relationship, a wistful reminisce that has a sting in its tail, a neon-hued examination of inspiration, a literary theft with a hidden agenda and a dang...


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    Satirical vignettes for those of us living in a brave new world.

    Created during the pandemic lockdowns, The Great Leader is a scathing satire of governmental overreach and totalitarianism that hides behind a benevolent corporate smile. Why not give up your freedom to watch The Great Leader? Of c...


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    Tales of revenge and retribution delivered with a sense of style.

    A tense and claustrophobic morning spent with truly terrible people, a widow leaves a trail of blood in her wake in a moody and atmospheric piece set in 1960s Melbourne and a desperate man will go to any lengths to ensure the safe...


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    Unique and original revenge tales from around the globe.

    A returned soldier’s mission to reunite his family whatever the cost, a tense showdown in a grimy laundromat masks a deeper, darker truth and a construction worker flees into the night with a mysterious suitcase closely followed by those w...


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    Documentaries, personal accounts and observations.

    A dangerous Soviet era art collection becomes the focus of unwanted attention and ghosts from the past, A heart-warming tale of the differences and similarities between an autistic father and son, a very personal and thoughtful look at a man dea...


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    Brief glimpses of the subconscious, dream fragments and fecund desires.

    An abridged trek through the challenges of life, a musical journey through a deceptively dark dreamscape, the visceral reminisces of a budding assassin, a day of nuptials marks a significant ending, a sensual encounter with ...


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    Indignities of the flesh, corrosions of the soul.

    A young woman working in the city morgue has a far livelier night than expected, a traumatised writer’s various obsessions come to horrifying life and an unhappy woman receives a life-changing visit from an unnameable terror.

    Watch this pack if:...