• RED NOSE (أنف_أحمر)

    Mohammad, a Palestinian immigrant in Europe, has an unexpected visit by a mysterious woman who turns his world upside down. The situation gets out of hand when his boss at the meat factory he works for, starts suspecting things are not what they seem...


    When the neighbourhood dog catcher, William Page, is found wandering the streets disoriented, he is taken to the local police station for assistance. However, the situation soon disintegrates into hell on earth.


    Jacek is a dealer on the streets of Manchester and we learn that his love and protection for his sister knows no bounds. He turns his emotions and morality away from the horror that is inflicted on the unlucky few who might stumble across their path.


    A powerful female gang rules the night. Their mission is to cut the hair off beautiful women and sell it on the black market but they soon find out they aren't the only predators lurking the streets after dark.


    Terry is a psychologically disturbed predator whose sinister playground is a laundromat. Terry thinks he is the hero of a comic gangster that is reading. That is when his memory playing tricks on him.


    A Sicilian widow, clinging to life, recalls a series of dramatic events leading to her fatal predicament. Almost on the point of death, she seizes a fleeting opportunity and takes matters into her own hands. God Forgives...Sicilian women don't!


    Strange things happen in Ellie’s house…


    Cruz and Queimado are two criminals who have to dispose of a dead body. An innocent fisherman will alter their plans and their lives permanently.


    Two 'cleaners' for a criminal organisation have the job to threaten, silence and dispose of anyone who interferes in their employer's business. Unknown to the other, one is an undercover police officer, secretly operating to expose their superiors.


    An old man walks in the forest with his dog when he stumbles upon something at the base of a tree. He then goes home and starts to act erratically.



    NIGHTWALKERS features ALFIE ALLEN of GAME OF THRONES, Riverdale star MADELAINE PETSCH, and film icon PETER BOGDONAVICH in a 30 minute sci-fi allegory. It is a meta-fiction narrative exploration of image, voyeurism and forgiveness.

  • SPIN

    One evening Mallard and his wife are assaulted. What ensues is an infernal race where he will be successively the witness, the author, and the victim of what will prove to be the key to his existence.


    Aldo, a young seminarist, returns after many years to the places where he was born and raised. The reason is a bizarre letter from a childhood friend where the latter, reading between the lines, seems to have got himself into trouble.


    A man returns to the Midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960.


    A woman drives home in the middle of the night. She's lost and parks her car to go to the public toilets... But she is not alone...