Set in an alternate Colombia where superheroes exist, journalist Mateo Hernández shows us the history of masked people in ciudad capital along with the mysterious vigilante known as La Silueta.

  • (Re)çomeco

    Ana and Helen, two divorced women, were close friends as teenagers. Today, amidst the Covid19 virus pandemic and in quarantine, they get in touch after 20 years via internet. Through video conference calls, memories, sensations and emotions flourishes, unearthing unanswered questions.


    Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) made The Heisters in 1964. The plot, such as it is, is about three highway men on the run who turn against each other for the treasure they've hoarded. Shot in 2.35:1 and rich Technicolor, this restoration was made from the only known surviving print.


    Ellie is caught in the middle of an ongoing tryst with a man who is already committed to another woman. Suffering from a poor opinion of herself already, Ellie decides to end the relationship on the advice of her counselor. Unfortunately, Ellie may have misunderstood exactly what "ending it" trul...


    After_Life is a science fiction drama about Kurt, a young man who is trying to relive a failed relationship, after an accident, he will soon have to face the consequences of his failures and regrets, before it is too late.


    A zany confrontation between a down-on-his-luck guy and a volunteer litter picker. Moral of the story - Obey the law, no matter what.......... and definitely don't litter!!!!!

  • The Mountain

    Edwin lives in the quiet mountains, pays no bills except to his wife home in Honduras.


    In a dystopian future it’s possible to print custom-made psychedelic drugs with any desired effect, from your home computer. Alice is desperately looking for an escape from her depressed life. She comes across a reality warping drug: Nirvana.

    Creator Shaun Rana's impressive talent is showcased ...


    Besides getting a job, 42 year old Harvey has little else to do with his time but become the next big thing on the internet. So he's created himself online persona, rapper and music producer DJ Harvest, oozing seduction, charm and a unique way with words. He's got local dullard Paul, recruited fo...